The Elements of Me. 

I was born by the womb

Of a 19 year old girl

Into the blue world, 

Cut from the bond of a love

Deep enough

To brush fingers

With the

Ocean floor. 

I was born with pain, 

& a sorrow that


My very life itself… 

She was young, 

But the world had taken

Every petal

Around her eyes, 

And even

Bees & butterflies

Would urge their wings

To ride them away

From her. 

But she let this fruit grow, 

Let it whirl & turn

And clot from


Cut for Almighty… 

I am born from the womb

Of a 19 year old girl, 

From a love that broke


And amongst the tears

I tasted for the first time

The breath of


The day was cold… 

I remember how the rain

Seemed to sting even

The tarmac, 

Taking out the warmth

For whoever

Took its path… 

I remember the clouds, 

& the sour air

That drowned

In the stench of sorrow that


From the earthen eyes

Of my mother, 

And how it felt like

Even the sky

Was sick… 

I remember the cracking,

The shatter of glass

And the shards

Beneath the world’s feet, 

As it kicked my heart sore.. 

Most of all

I remember the


The death of everything

That kept her whole

As the rain

Bathed in the voice of her cries… 

I saw the world then, 

At the first time I ever saw her cry, 

I saw the world


The fire in her eyes…

She smelled like

A dozen roses, 

Crushed and mawed

By the dryest sun

So the world could


Like rain.. 

She was outspoken, 

Never let anyone

Not hear her voice, 

But her silence… 

I heard her loudest in

Her silence… 

Like she was lost


In the chambers of her heart, 

Hoping there was

Someone outside to

Call out to her, 

But there was no sound

But echoes

Of her own ghosts… 

And yet to me, 

She was the brightest

Even within the shadows

Beneath her eyes, 

And I knew

With her, 

I will always be ash

To that fire. 

I’ve been in love with


Ever since… 


There was an allure

In the night… 

A calling… 

A spell that guides

Blind bats

In the


Of the phantom dark… 

And even in the light 

I let myself


To its very edge, 

Where the world was

Torn in between

Black & white. 

The voices were louder here… 

Of enticement & fear… 

Of danger & adventure… 

Of sin & desire… 

And in the breath of seconds

The white cloud 

I once sailed

Became entagled in


And it was all that was needed

To make me rain. 

For a long while I was

This thing that

Took away 

The sun, 

This thing that

Wrought the longest


For the

Coldest winter… 

This thing that

Brings out everything

Into its breakage, 

And leaves nothing


But once, 

In my moments, 

I met with mountains, 

And they spoke of

Life & laughter that grew

In my passing, 

And it was the only times

I fell

For the earth

It calls to me

All the time, 

This earth, 

Haunting & tormenting

The heels

At my feet, 

Ticking to the rhythm

Of my


I remember when I was told

Of his stroke, 

The urgency that tied


In my grandmother’s voice

As the weariness

Set in, 

Gathering every strength

She was left with

Into a wave


To wash her away… 

“He’s critical”

She said, 

And all of a sudden 

There were


Before my eyes

As the earth beneath me

Left an abyss

In its stead… 

I remember the fear, 

The worry that wailed

In winds


By jagged tears


From my worried mind… 

And all the while I was walking

The earth

Haunted me, 

And opened


That swallowed me whole…