Where the Temptress Lay. 

She was


& I know she knew it. 

Because wherever she touched… 

Wherever she looked… 

Wherever she


Still water rippled

To the vibrations set 

By her cotton-soft hands,

And for a moment, 

It felt as if

Someone saw the oceans

Shadowed by

The guise

Of its

Puddle eyes. 

She was


And she knew it. 

& the ocean-hearts

Made waves

For the windy caresses

Her touch left

On ocean-floors, 


The world

Kept its secrets. 

It was only inevitable 

That the sea

Could not stop

Thinking about you. 



She left herself


For the pain, 

Letting its fingers


To crack her shell-walls open. 

But she remains calm, 

No longer shaken

By the ripples

Of her


& though the world

Took pieces off of her

She was certain

She was getting more

For her world. 

In the end, 

She was in love

With herself

More than anybody else. 


I promise to be gentle. 

To be


For your

Hardest times. 

And even when you feel

You are as


As the wind

I promise you

These fingers

Will always wrap

Around yours.  

Still Water. 

I am still water. 

As frozen &  tranquil

As silence, 

But with

The absence

Of its


When the world saw me

It was forced to

Slow down, 

Plagued by the uncertainty 

Of what lies 


I leave no signs

To warn whether

I am as


As a puddle

Or breathtaking

As an ocean-deep dark. 

I am still water. 

To know me well, 

You have to let me

Consume you

So you can reach my



They were not the type

To sit by

And let even

The wind

Pass them by. 

For a long time

They were


By the world that 

Even their nights were haunted 

By daylight clouds. 

But all it took was one day… 

One moment… 

One chance… 

& when their feet were

Off the ground

They chased the skies with wings 


From the strength

That kept them on the ground. 

The Earth

Has been chasing them

Ever since. 


She pulled at my strings… 

One & the other… 

Tagging at loose ends

That I cut out

From the fabric of

My self.

But she pulled at these strings, 

Not because they were


But because

They were still

Pieces of me, 

And she’s seen

Too many things 

Lay broken

That she’d rather

Fix something

That hadn’t shattered

Under its own weight… 

She pulled at my strings, 

One & another,

Emptying all pockets

That once held my heart

In the spaces of

My sleeves. 

It was then she saw

My flaws… 

My fears… 

My scars…

It was then she saw

Everywhere else 

That her love has touched.

Idle Talk

Feels like whispers… 

Like the silent


Of snowflakes

At winter’s dawn

We invaded

Each other’s world


Loose secrets

From your lips to mine, 

& while we feel as if

The whole world

Is watching

Only time looks on

From where the clockface


On the wall.